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Dr. Palani G. Periasamy

M.A., M.A., Ph.D. (USA)


Devote yourself to loving others…
Devote yourself to community around you…
And devote yourself to creating something
That gives you purpose and meaning.

This is the poetic philosophy of author Mitch Album and it is adopted by our Chairman Dr. Palani G. Periasamy. The PGP Institutions at Namakkal and Dharani Nagar are his dream institutions. They are set up with the vision of providing quality education to the rustic community.

The PGP Educational Institutions at Namakkal is a sprawling and sylvan campus of 350 acres and the Dharani Institutions at Dharani Nagar is a campus of 120 acres at the foot of the Western Ghats. All these Institutions are the realization of the dream of our Chairman. Having served as a full – tenure professor in America and based on the experience gathered during his wide tour of the world, Dr. Palani G. Periasamy has set up these institutions to impart quality learning in all discipline.